Tanamera is a full service residential and commercial development and general construction company headquartered in Reno, Nevada.

The company specializes in master-planned developments and higher-end residential and commercial projects in the greater northern Nevada region.

Tanamera is a property development and construction company headquartered in Reno Nevada that provides high-end commercial and residential real estate property services for its clients and its partners. Over the years, Tanamera’s principals have created a number of specialized construction disciplines that work collectively to provide efficient and cost effective property design, development, construction management, and overall real estate property management services with a concentration in northern Nevada and the Lake Tahoe area. The Company principals have diverse experience in the design, construction, financing, leasing, sales, and development of office buildings, medical buildings, offices & medical parks, shopping centers, hotels, residential production housing, high-end custom homes, high-end custom cabin homes, master-planned residential and commercial developments and most specifically multifamily housing and 4 rent single-family production housing. Tanamera is a licensed general contractor in the state of Nevada, experienced at building both residential and commercial properties. The Tanamera principals began their real estate property services in northern Nevada in 1995 with the acquisition, master planning, and development of the Double Diamond Ranch 800 acre 3,000 home master-planned community in south Reno. Since then Tanamera has grown into one of the larger and more experienced real estate development and construction companies in northern Nevada. Since 1995, Tanamera’s principals have managed the planning, design, development, and construction of commercial and residential properties with a cost basis valued at over $2.5 billion. From 1995 until 2007 the principals of Tanamera, as both developers and general contractors, focused 100% of their efforts on their own development projects comprised of multifamily housing, residential production communities, custom homes, office / medical office parks, and shopping centers. In 2007 Tanamera began providing third-party development services and construction management services for a fee. This experience of being both long-time developers and contractors in the northern Nevada market provides the Tanamera principals with a unique perspective and experience when hired by third parties to provide development services and construction oversight services. As both long-term developers and contractors, Tanamera provides its clients and investors with a unique combination of skills and experience not typically found with contractors or developers that only focus on a single discipline of development or construction management. As contractors, Tanamera provides its development clients with the information they need up and beyond the cost of construction for Tanamera knows what information is required for a successful development project. As developers, Tanamera has a much better handle on the cost of construction and what procedures are required to lower costs, expedite construction, expedite project revenues, and mitigate mistakes. Today, Tanamera focuses its collective strengths in the development and construction management of apartment communities, 4 rent production housing, medical office buildings, and the design and construction of high-end custom homes..